About Shenyu

Shenyu is among the premier national and international law firms based in Shanghai, China. We thrive on complex cases and litigations of all types. Our practice focuses on international trade, maritime shipping, corporate governance, intellectual property, family and succession, banking, insurance, commerce, healthcare, personal injury, employment, and public policy. We build, nurture, and deliver a wide spectrum of legal expertise to clients of all sizes - from startups to China 500 companies to closely held corporations and individuals. We provide strategic and innovative legal solutions with worldwide capabilities and local execution, as demonstrated in our multi-jurisdictional collaborations with law firms in regions such as in the U.S., Germany, Italy, Belgium, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. By uniting diverse lawyers who offer specialized practice and comprehensive legal knowledge, we are dedicated to deliver exceptional quality of legal work to our clients.

Lisa Wu is the founding partner of Shanghai Shenyu Law Firm. She holds a joint degree in jurisprudence and English studies. Ms. Wu has successfully represented various international and domestic clients in dispute resolutions and complex litigation throughout mainland China. She focuses her practice on family law, maritime, international trade & investment, intellectual property, corporate, and contract. She is part of the Women's Federation Legal Aid and served as a senior legal advisor to the Shanghai Office of Chongqing Municipality. Ms. Wu’s clients have included China’s Global 500 corporations, other public corporations, and private firms. Her multifaceted skills as a sharp-witted negotiator and a trial lawyer render her the ability to speedily assess cases and devise a winning strategy.


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